Things to Know while sending the Couriers to Abroad

Sending courier to abroad details

International courier service

International shipping is gaining popularity all over the world. The best delivery partner is in charge of the e-commerce firm. To boost business profits, the Indian government has taken the initiative to offer incentives to exporters and several merchants that ship worldwide. The market is fresh and ready to be taken advantage of.
In addition, many people have migrated abroad than in the previous decades. Students have begun to pursue higher education abroad to advance their professions. It is necessary to know certain aspects while sending couriers internationally to decrease the burden of shipping your belongings internationally. .

Top Items to Send from India to abroad

1.Medicine items with prescription, masks, gloves, etc.
2. Send Food Items to Friends or Relatives iin abroad.
3. Clothes / Garments.
4. Documents such as university applications and other related documents
5. study materials
6. Urgent Machinery Parts.
7. Jewelry & Precious Stones.
8. Groceries
9. Handicraft & cultural items

Documents required for sending courier to abroad

For an individual to individual Personal Goods:
1. One Photo ID (Aadhar Card Copy, Pan Card Copy, Passport Copy, Voter ID Copy, and Driver Licence)
2. One Address Proof (Aadhar Card Copy, Adhar card Copy, Electricity Bill Copy, Water Bill Copy, Landline Phone Bill Copy, Passport Copy, Voter ID)
3. Invoice .

For Company to Individual Personal Goods or Sample From Company to Company:
1. Photo ID Of Auth. Signatory or Director
2. Signature Prof Of Authority
3. Signatory or Director
4. IEC of Company Or Electricity Bill And Landline bill
5. KYC Form Signature and Stamp on 3 pages
6. GST Registration number
7. Tax ID Number Required Brazil, Mexico, Chilli,
8. Invoice cum packing list

Keep the package on a scale to determine the exact weight. You’ll need to file customs paperwork, and your shipment may be subject to import duties and taxes in your destination country. Deskmate Global Express employs custom clearance agents to expedite the paper procedure. The courier service will assist you in completing the necessary customs papers and will also handle all of your customs procedures.


Packing plays a vital role in shipping so that the receiver will receive their consignment without any damage. Know that there are several things that you can do to make sure your parcel arrives in one piece. Any shipment which is safely and properly packaged goes a long way without any risks.
It is advised to pick a box or an envelope that exactly matches the size of your shipment item. Packages that are too large can suffer dents, while overstuffed boxes are prone to ripping by breaking the elasticity. Don’t forget to choose packaging material that fits the contents of your parcel as well.
Cardboard envelopes are best for lightweight documents, while bubble envelopes are the best option for sending CDs or harddisk and other items. Do you want to make sure that your parcel is safely wrapped and packed properly? Deskmate Global Express offers a service that includes proper packaging of your consignment!
Take your shipment up to 20 kilos to one of our Service Points and make your documents and goods packaged in a proper way to ship your valued items.


Shipping your item to a faraway destination is not always proven to be self-evident and safe. Choose a international courier service with worldwide coverage and make sure your package reaches even the most remote destination.
Deskmate Global Express provides various tracking options that allow you to check the status of your express shipment anywhere at anytime and in real-time, so you get to know the updates where your shipment is at every moment, where it’s headed next, and when it will reach the destination.
You can trace more than ten express shipments at the same time. With your phone or click on our website for tracking your shipment by providing the tracking ID to get an instant result. With Deskmate Global Express SMS option you will get the latest update of your shipment even without internet access.


International shipments involve a considerable amount of paperwork. Are the customs documents in order? Are you aware of the charges and taxes for international shipments? Are you about to send dangerous goods? Get informed beforehand or have one of Deskmate Global Express’ customs experts help you out. This will ensure the safe arrival of your parcel, whatever its destination may be.


With so many evolving and capable courier partners, it is quite a difficult task to understand the best decision for the courier service provider. Deskmate Global Express provides industry-standard international courier service which can provide a quality courier service around the globe.